Book Overview

Malcom Doxon wanted more from his life, freedom, a loving relationship, the typical things a recent high school graduate would want. But life is often cruel and he was cursed with a crippled body since birth. Time was his enemy, and due to his condition, loneliness was his friend. But a silver lining was one good friend that really treated him as human. Malcom could at least pass away a bit happier knowing that he met such a person. But things don’t always progress linearly, and soon enough Malcom found himself in a different environment. He feels different, no longer sick, no longer crippled, not even a single shred of pain. He chalks it up to him just dying and being in heaven, but he doesn’t know how wrong he is. Nor does he know who is a play in this situation, but they shall soon reveal themselves soon enough. So starts Malcom’s new adventure, so starts his new life.

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